Product Range

HSCAS Powder

(JM – PF 22)

HSCAS is a SELECT hydrated sodium calcium aluminosilicate duly KILNED and processed to enhance the adsorption capacity.

Aqua Zeolite Powder

(JM – AQ 85)

For Aquaculture. Odour removal, Filtering, Ion exchange, Gas absorption.

Zeolite Granules

(JM – G 01)

Zeolite Granules in aquaculture Promote healthier growth of prawn, shrimp and fish by its unique features.

Sodium Bentonite

(JM – PF 20)

Sodium bentonite is a highly swelling natural clay used as Toxin Binder in stock feed for its benefits of


(JM – CF 21)

Dolomite is a ground powder feed additive that has multiple uses.


(JM – CF 11)

Calcite is a natural calcium carbonate with extremely high whiteness, purity and free flowing in nature. It is extensively used as animal feed supplement.

Light Kaolin IP

(JM – IP 2)

For Cosmetics, clear the skin of excess oil, dirt & pollution & in Veterinary Health Care Products as anti diarrhea agent.

Micro Clay

(JM – C 50)

A functional white filler used in various industries like Footwear, Paints, Rubber,

Classic 500 Clay

(JM – C 500)

A tested product especially for Hoses including LPG, CNG and Industrial ones and various Extruder items as well.

Levigated Micro Hard Clay

(JM – C 99)

Levigated Ultra Clay

(JM – C 9)


(JM – UC 99)

Calcium Carbonate

(JM – 10)

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