With the total populace moving toward 10 billion, farmers are confronting tremendous difficulties concerning how to take care of developing populaces without annihilating the soil, our wellbeing, and eventually the planet.

At JM, we are utilizing our Science and Innovation and Business Advancement groups to foster imaginative natural solutions for the most squeezing concerns confronting farmers today—be it declining soil quality, crop illness or pesticide obstruction.

Why JM?


Our agriculture, and pesticide solutions depend on a broad portfolio of natural mineral solutions—designed to assist farmers with feeding and secure their most important resources.

Kaolin goes about as an obstruction that irritates insects and camouflages the host plant by covering it with a spooky white film. Insects are clearly incapable to perceive plants treated with kaolin. It is most regularly utilized against a wide assortment of pests on apple and pear trees. Likewise, kaolin can be utilized to control Japanese scarabs, discolored plant bugs, thrips, leafhoppers, cucumber beetles, and Colorado potato bugs on vegetable harvests.

Kaolin should be applied as a deterrent to be compelling and can’t handle a pest that is already settled. It is non-poisonous and can be applied up to the day of harvest. It can likewise be utilized as an anti-caking agent in the production of fertilizers.

Kaolin is additionally utilized as an inert fixing in numerous pesticide formulations.

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