Naturally occurring minerals have an important role to play in animal feed and the market will grow substantially, due to our increasing world population and the need for an adequate food supply.

What is the need to use minerals in Animal Feeds?


  • Binder – Minerals can help to bind pellets together and reduce the dust content.


  • Anti-Caking Agent The high surface area of many clay minerals helps to coat sticky ingredients such as molasses and reduce caking of the finished pellets.


  • Mycotoxins – Mycotoxins are secondary metabolites produced by fungi. There are numerous mycotoxins, all of which are complex organic structures based on benzene rings. The most common are: Aflatoxin B1; Deoxynivalenol; Ochratoxin; Zearalenone and Fumonisin. Aflatoxin is the most prevalent and presents the most problems. Clay minerals are affective at removing it (>90% efficiency). Aflatoxin bonds ionically with -ve charges on the clay and passes harmlessly through the animal’s system.


  • Poultry Excrement – Clay minerals added to the poultry feed will thicken the feces by absorbing moisture, helping to reduce the burns and making it easier to clean the pens.


  • Radionuclide Containment – Some Clay Minerals have the ability to absorb Radioactive Caesium (Cs137) such that some of it is excreted rather than absorbed by the animal.


  • Pest Prevention – Some minerals can help to kill pests such as mites which infect grain etc. stored in silos.


  • Pellet Production Rate – Platy clays act as a lubricant as feed mix is extruded through a stainless-steel die. Significant cost savings can be made either by running with reduced power at the same throughput or at normal power with increased throughput.


  • Adsorption – Some minerals can absorb ammonia which is beneficial in Aquaculture. They even can absorb the odor as well. Because of this they are even used in Cat litter.

Why JM?


JM minerals make excellent carriers, additives, and anti-caking agents in animal feed production and their chemical inertness renders them harmless to animals, making them ideal for feed additives and premixes. Some of our quality mineral grades are even helping tackle the global aflatoxin problem facing the sector.

JM Recommended Products:


  • Kaolin
  • Bentonite
  • Zeolite
  • Diatomaceous Earth
  • Calcite
  • Dolomite
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