Gotten from the remaining parts of the infinitesimal fossilized ocean or freshwater green growth, diatomite is a naturally occurring, adaptable mineral utilized in a variety of uses from filtration to cosmetics.

Diatomite is a sedimentary stone made out of the fossilized skeletal remaining parts of single-cell amphibian green growth known as ‘diatoms’. This remarkable type of silica has an intricate honeycomb structure, sprinkled with a huge number of minuscule openings going from a couple of microns to submicron measurements.
No other silica source, be it mined or artificially created, presents such a structure. Some diatomite deposits are saltwater, yet most are from freshwater sources.

At the point when ground, this bounty of shapes brings about an incredibly low-thickness powder known as ‘diatomaceous earth’ (DE) which has fantastic absorption properties that are exceptionally valued for filtration, paints, cosmetics, agriculture, plastics, and pharmaceuticals applications.

Jagdamba Minerals offers a wide scope of inventive and economical designed kaolin-based solutions for help optimize client execution within businesses as diverse as Agriculture, ceramics, cosmetics, feeds, paper and packaging, paints, pharmaceuticals, plastics, and rubbers.


  • Chemically inert
  • High absorption power
  • Unique 3D morphology
  • Low density
  • Micro porosity
  • Relative hardness (6 on the Mohs scale)
  • High surface area


  • Filter aids
  • Antibiotics
  • Floor cleaners
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Paint, paper & plastics
  • Carriers
  • Hazardous waste absorption
  • Functional mineral additives
  • Chemicals & solvents
  • Sugar, beer & wine
  • Catalysts
  • Cosmetics
  • Edible oils¬†& fats
  • Dental mouldings
  • Insulating bricks
  • Aggregates
  • Pesticides

In Agribusiness, JM Diatomaceous Earth grades are compelling anti-caking specialists in manures and excellent inert carriers for pesticides and animal feed.


In the food and beverage industry, JM DE grades are ecofriendly, natural filter aids and interaction empowering agents for the production of sweeteners, fruit juices, beer, and edible oils.


In cosmetics, super retentive diatomite-based powders are ideal 100% characteristic fixings in deodrants and antiperspirants. Utilized in face covers, diatomite altogether diminishes the drying time of the clay.


In paints and coatings, diatomaceous earth is an amazing matting specialist, giving polish and clean obstruction, breathability, and hostile to breaking execution.

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