Our day to day lives in being touched by the design and quality of ceramics from bone-china dinner plates to elegant bathroom shower trays.

Regardless of whether we think about the earliest stoneware, valuable Chinese porcelain, ordinary china, or tableware, they are completely made with industrial minerals and products.

The gloss which covers them, making them alluring or just fit for use are to a great extent made out of minerals, predominantly silicates, borates, and metallic colors.

Ceramics production and headstrong articles are irreplaceable in our homes and structures in general: tiles, floor tiles, pipes, refractory bricks are on the whole 100% industrial minerals. Practically all industrial minerals are utilized to make ceramic bodies, however in shifting extents as per the application.

That clarifies why the creators of flatware, sanitary appliances, and tile guarantee solid assumptions for attributes like whiteness, technical productivity, and dimensional dependability. We are a leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of top-notch industrial minerals for the ceramic industries.

Why JM?


JM, using a broad scope of execution fixings, can assist our clients with taking care of various assembling issues to expand yield and edges and make better quality ceramic products.

Kaolin is a significant part in most ceramic bodies. It is utilized in the production of tableware, sanitary ware, electrical porcelain, covers, wall tiles, and floor tiles.

Ceramic applications rely upon the properties of kaolin like particle size dispersion, chemical structure, strength, and casting properties. The plastic properties of kaolin are especially significant in porcelain formulations.

In whiteware, JM Kaolin helps precise control of moulding properties, adds dry and fired whiteness and smoothness.

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  • Kaolin
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