Bentonite is an exceptionally absorbent, thick plastic clay which is an important binding, fixing, absorbing and greasing up specialist in a gigantic variety of industries and applications.

Bentonite is a plastic clay, chiefly made of montmorillonite, produced by a modification in situ of volcanic ash.

Bentonite has huge colloidal properties and diminishes its thickness ordinarily as it falls into contact with fluids, shaping a gelatinous and viscous material.

The remarkable properties of swelling, water ingestion, viscosity, and thixotropy make it helpful for a wide assortment of products of varied industries.

Bentonite is a silicate hydrated aluminum with extraordinary water and swell absorption potential. It has numerous business sectors and primary engineering applications.

Our standardized measures and our idealistic culture of satisfying our standing as a reliable producer guarantee that our products fulfill the most noteworthy guidelines.


  • Strong colloidal properties
  • Swells in contact with water
  • Water absorption
  • High viscosity
  • High plasticity
  • Thixotropy


  • Foundry
  • Iron Ore Palletising
  • Animal Feed
  • Drilling Fluids
  • Construction and Civil Engineering
  • Agriculture
  • Pesticides
  • Water Proofing
  • Cat Litter

In foundry making, JM bentonite is a basic constituent in the casting of top-notch foundry items where it is utilized as a binder for the creation of green sand moulds to guarantee imperfection free final castings. Bentonite binders are environmental solutions, cost-effective since most of the sand and binder can be reused in a repeating framework.

In Iron Ore Pelletising (IOP) JM bentonite is utilised as a binder for the formation of iron ore pellets. Pellets are balls created from iron ore or concentrates and are utilized as feed material for iron making. JM bentonite increases the value of the pelletizing cycle and the quality of the end product.

JM Bentonite is utilized in drilling and tunneling liquids to grease up and cool cutting devices, eliminate cuttings and help prevent blowouts. It is a typical part in drilling mud used to shorten drilling liquid intrusion because of its penchant to help in the formation of mud cakes.

JM offers premium grades of Bentonite which are the best solution for Civil Engineering Applications consisting excellent Thixotropy properties, Super Viscosifier, Best suspension agent, Good Filtration control and High yield in water. These grades are being supplied in Diaphragm, cut off and retaining wall construction, piling caisson sinking, Grouting, Tunnelling, Horizontal Directional Drilling, Pipe Jacking, Cement Concrete additives.

Bentonite is ideal for use in cat litter because of its exceptional swelling, water absorption, and odor-controlling properties. It is an excellent anti-caking agent for animal feed.

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