Paint and Coating should follow high natural or erosion obstruction requirements, that is the reason you can count on Jagdamba Minerals. Beliefs and the maintenance of a protected way of life are likewise significant. The optical, mechanical, and rheological properties of our exceptional minerals portfolio are utilized by our Paints and Coating experts to give elite compositional and modern industrial coatings producers with multifunctional extensions and fillers for water-borne applications, solvents, and Pulver coatings.

Why JM?


“A wide range of products from one source.”


Jagdamba Minerals offers different attributes that lift paint and coatings effectiveness, improve mechanical and optical qualities and give consistency to thermal or electrical conductivity. We may essentially adjust the paint attributes: whiteness, hardness, and gloss.

JM is in a situation to offer its Clients solutions by meeting their necessities across the worth chain by working firmly with its clients. We offer a scope of crude material minerals to look over so we can precisely adjust the best way to deal with the specifications of our clients. Kaolin, Calcium carbonate, Dolomite, and Talc are regular cost-efficient solutions that improve a scope of decorative uses, from lucidity to parting, stain obstruction, and adhesivity.

The most cost-effective alternative to Titanium Dioxide is Kaolin (A White Mineral) which is high in silica and alumina. It is essential to enhance brightness of colors, gloss, opacity, control texture for disbursement, viscosity, and coatability in paint.

Attributes imparted by our mineral solutions in paint formulations include:

  • Anti-sagging properties
  • Higher viscosity
  • Good filling property
  • Good Opacity, Gloss & Brushability
  • Good Dispersibility in water-based system
  • Anti-settling property
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