Dolomite Mineral could be a twofold carbonate rock with composition of calcium & magnesium whose extent shifts as per the mining zone.

Chemically & fundamentally Dolomite Powder is comparable to calcite with half the calcium particles replaced by magnesium.

Dolomite is broadly utilized in steel industries due to qualities and capability in process of filtering steel.

Due to its high level of whiteness and purity and other highlighted properties it has its usage in Paints and Coatings, Animal feed, Detergent, etc.

Jagdamba Minerals is a leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of high-quality Dolomite powder in India with a global offering of high quality and effective Dolomite Powder and many minerals.

Purity and a high level of whiteness makes us a suitable choice for your dolomite requirements with an assurance of the delivery within the stipulated time frame that too in customized quantities.



  • Better Acid resistance
  • Less Reactive
  • Higher Production rate
  • Increases flow rates because of its higher Bulk Density and Sp. Gravity
  • Antidote for copper poisoning
  • An essential supply of calcium and magnesium for healthy bones and teeth
  • Increase milk production as well as quality in dairy herds.


  • Sheet / Float Glass Industries
  • Glassware Industries
  • Picture Tube Industries
  • Ceramic Floor & Wall Tile Industries
  • Sanitary ware Industries
  • Insulator Industries
  • Ceramic Frit Industries
  • Stoneware / Art ware / Tableware Manufacturers
  • Cement Industries
  • Paint Industries
  • Rubber Industries
  • Sponge Iron Industries
  • Pipe Coating Industries
  • Foundries
  • Detergent Applications
Components Percentage
CaO 31.24%
MgO 20.10%
CaCO3 55.80%
LOI 46.60%
Whiteness 94.20%

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